Innovative architecture community

Discussing about local meetups and events innovatives architects, makers, bim managers... organize.

Future architecture

Architecture is changing! New technics arise and take more importance in the fields.
Join the movement and share your view on the development of new technics in architecture.

Open source architecture

Architecture is better when it is an open process. We will discuss here about the open source projects. And how to participate to this movement.


BIM is changing the AEC industry. It bring values of collaboration and make the work more efficient. We discuss here how to use BIM efficiently on your projects and with your team. is a platform to share open source architecture with your team and the community.

Parametric architecture

Parametric design is a new way to design 3D objects with parameters. At the crossroad of 3d modeling, code and architecture.

Robotic & Digital fabrication

How the design possibilities could be reinvented when new digital fabrication technics became more economic and performant : robots, 3d printers, CNC machine, laser cut...